Some seek
to write about this world

Some build
elaborate beautiful
unlikely worlds.
are a sure sign,
there are others.)

But neither of these
describe reality,
and this world

This world
was built
when a peaceful garden
was deemed
too boring
to contain us,
and we wanted
an adventure.

(The tree was a lie.
A later addition
by some unknown
The snake, however,
is still very cunning.)

We have all had
contradictory adventures
since then,
some quite horrible.
For when we were trying
to get home,
we lost our way
and wandered
into nightmare.

God has put up
all manner of signs
to guide us,
no matter who
or where we are.

They look vastly different
on whether we are lost
in the desert
or the swamp
and on what kind of body
and life experience
we happen to be
carrying with us
this time around.

All of them say
in various languages
spoken or not
Love. Always Love,
My Dear.
Love will guide You Home.

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz

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