Don’t Let Them In

There is so much variety here,
it could almost distract you,
keep you glancing around
at all the glittery nothing.

Keep you choosing
between the jewel encrusted hell,
and the gold plated hell.
Or maybe
this time around
the hell in which you renounce all those worldly pleasures
and judge everyone who hasn’t,
just in case you wanted
a new and novel part
in the Drama.

My love,
my darling,
my sweet one,
why do you persist in not listening
to the only thing that matters?

The Divine Audience
is calling to you, to break out of your role.
Learn to ad-lib.
Feel God’s Love.
Do something kind, and never mind
how any of the other actors react.
You and they have been listening to the cruel
for far too long to be wholly sane.

He has an ensemble cast prepared
to painfully mould you
into the role that he deems best,
but I recommend
you pay no heed
to the monstrosity he calls a script.

Listen to the voice of Love.
Pay no heed
to the other voices
which want you to react
like a starving wildebeest
charging down anything
you don’t understand.

these are the tax collectors
who will bleed you dry
of God’s Love.

For the love
of all that is holy

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz


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