The Wrong Ally

The one you have allied with
is trying to kill you.
You may still think
he is honest
and true,
but I have seen your picture
posted all over town:
“Wanted – dead or dead,
preferably dead.”

Dear one,
how could you not see
that he has replaced your safety razor
with an axe?
Sharp enough to shave with, yes,
but entirely dangerous
and weighted just so
that it is all too easy to lose your grip.

My dear,
you need to find better friends.
For this one, I see,
has also replaced your nail scissors
with a collection of rusty daggers.

He has been telling tales as well,
lies about you, that I see through instantly,
knowing you so well.

Why do you still trust him
to report on the world?
He has told you
that a desolate wasteland is a tropical beach!
He has told you
that love is idiocy,
that you are worthy
of only fear and suffering!

My sweet,
this one is not to be trusted.
He would not be elected dogcatcher
of any respectable village!
Evict him from your head,
and listen to the still quiet voice
of peace and love instead!


(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz



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