Michael & Sare Liz

Michael and Coconut


Michael and Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz are both poets in the school of Hafiz. It doesn’t bother them that Hafiz lived and died centuries before, in another region of the world. You study, love, and emulate who you do.


The point of their poetry is to share their own mystic experiences of God (which can’t always be justĀ shared), and to create the conditions for you to have your own.


Sare Liz.

Biographically speaking, they are two happy fools who are getting happier and closer to the Divine Friend daily, and thus, they are finally becoming sane. They count as inspiration and friend Jesus, Hafiz, and the Buddha. Sare Liz is explicitly Christian. Michael is explicitly not. They have four cats and day jobs and have the great good fortune to be married to each other.