Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz

Author, Priest, Knitter of Warm Woolly Things.


Distractions are everywhere, here. How perfect coffee is made What happens when black holes die The search for the perfect shoes And every other preoccupation This life can manufacture. The point is, of course, distraction. The real gain is hidden behind Quietly waiting. Has your dissatisfaction Reached critical levels Yet? No? Never fear. God is […]


Variations on a Theme

Your deepest pain is sending Letters The contents of which are Shockingly similar One to the next All variations on a theme, Really. They all Beg Plead And threaten. You’ve been recycling them Unopened. But now that I have Your attention, I will humbly admit To being in their employ. No, don’t shut the door. […]


Cheeky Keys

My key ring is enormous. Gargantuan. I have a hundred Keys to God. Sometimes I get guerrilla And start dropping them In seemingly Random places That you often frequent. You picked one up Last week An orange skeleton key Bright brass And you had An unwavering And odd feeling It was smiling at you That […]


The Gift of Hot Days

On hot days Everything slows down Everything becomes simple. Stay cool. This is the gift of the Hot days: It teaches us to Listen. Our bodies scream loudly On hot days “Drink water! Stay cool! Slow down!” And our big, complex world Becomes small. And only the essentials Remain. The gift of Hot days Is […]