In Here

Love is what happens
When we stop fighting
When we are finally tired enough
Of the nightmare hell.

Then Love holds us
Sweetly singing
A beautifully familiar tune
And we see through the hell
To see the beauty
That was

Not out there.
In here.

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2018.


Variations on a Theme

Your deepest pain is sending
The contents of which are
Shockingly similar
One to the next
All variations on a theme,

They all
And threaten.

You’ve been recycling them

But now that I have
Your attention,
I will humbly admit
To being in their employ.

No, don’t shut the door.

You have been
Cordially Invited
To attend to the
Of your deepest pain.
Your RSVP is overdue
And your suffering
Is only increasing.

But no–
Don’t dress in your
Dirty paint-stained shirt
And the jeans
That have holes
In unmentionable places.

Put on your party dress
Because as soon as you’re well
We’ll dance all night.

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2017

Don’t Bother Wondering

Shall I tell you a story?
It has a happy ending.

I used to swim
In a pool of misery
Every day.
I was religious about it.

One day —
The first of many —
I thought,
“This sucks.
Is this really it? 
Or am I missing

Misery assured me
With a crocodile smile
That this was it,
I was missing nothing,
This was the best
I could hope for —
And at least here
I got to swim.

And that very first time
I wondered if
Misery was full of shit.

And here’s your
Happy ending:
Now I don’t bother

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2017

The Gift of Hot Days

On hot days
Everything slows down
Everything becomes simple.
Stay cool.

This is the gift of the
Hot days:
It teaches us to

Our bodies scream loudly
On hot days
“Drink water!
Stay cool!
Slow down!”
And our big, complex world
Becomes small.
And only the essentials

The gift of
Hot days
Is to teach us there is
A core
At the center
Of our complex life
And when push comes to
Only the Core remains.
So it goes with your
Which craves
But one thing
Though the one thing
Masquerades as many.

On a hot day
Your soul cries out
For Love alone.

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2017

The Missing Thing

It’s not-entirely-untrue
That you have
A God-shaped hole
In your life.

As a matter of fact,
You do.
But it’s not as small
As you think.
It’s God-shaped,
And you-sized.

You are the God-shaped hole.
So, fill yourself with Love.
Fill yourself with Peace.
Fill yourself, your emptiness
With All Eternity.

Accept no substitute
For you cannot —
How could you be —
With anything else
Anything beyond
The Missing Thing
To begin with?

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2017