Distractions are everywhere, here.
How perfect coffee is made
What happens when black holes die
The search for the perfect shoes
And every other preoccupation
This life can manufacture.

The point is, of course, distraction.
The real gain is hidden behind
Quietly waiting.

Has your dissatisfaction
Reached critical levels


Never fear.
God is patient.

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2017


Constant Shifting

This world
is filled with violence
in a constant shifting
ebb and flow.

Even things that look
like a beautiful bubbling stream
with an impressive waterfall,
are very slowly
the mountain.

Everything here returns
to dust,
sometimes quite painfully
with lots of angst
along the way.

That is why we are told
to love without reason.
For we are all
confronted with the same

Remember this,
and remember also,
that everyone who reacts
in anger
is really repeating
the same ancient mistake.

Everyone who kills
is forgetting
that she
or he
is sister or brother
to all the world.

Hatred is
the original

Learn to embrace
your sanity.
It is there.

Listen to the voice
of love within.
It may be very quiet
if you haven’t been
paying attention.

that we are all stuck
in this madness

And we all
free each other
with the love we give
and the peace
we share.

So love, my friends,

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz


I know
That you will be

I wait with joyful longing
As you
To delay.


Will it be today
That you decide
You can bear this suffering
(That suffering)
No longer?
Or will you delay
One more day
One more century
One more civilization
One more epoch.

Do you want to be
The Last
On board this train
My dear?

The darkness says yes.
I say no.
Whom will you heed?

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2017

Love Is Knocking

What will you do
When the Friend comes knocking
This time?

Barricade the doors
Shutter the window
Pretend no one lives
In the quiet dark within?

But aren’t you tired
Of playing that old game?

Will you nod and smile,
The fixed rictus grin
Of the confused
And intimidated?

You have more options
Than just these two.

Sink back into the knowing
That you have been
Utterly translucent
All this time.
Your actions,
My darling one,
Were quite predictable
From a certain point of view.

Don’t fret.

The Friend knew it would come to this.
Long has She waited
For this Beautiful Moment
When your longing for Love
Outweighs your fear.

This time when He knocks
Breathe deeply
Your Salvation is at hand.

Breathe deeply
Know that the time of pain
Is over
Love is knocking
Sweetly singing a serenade
To your soul
Which you imagine
Is shriveled and charred
After so long in hell.

Au contraire, ma cherie!

Your soul is as
And Beautiful
As the day it fell asleep
In God’s Arms
And accidentally
Dreamed a nightmare
Forgetting that the doorway home
Was inside the Heart
All along.

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2017