Three Easy Steps

Lean in dear one
For I have a secret to tell;
It’s all about perspective.

You may be aware that
Different people
Can have radically different
View points
Of the self same thing.

If you can think of no examples,
Consider politics.
But not for long.

Now consider God.
God does not consider things the same way you do,
But you can change that.
Not by changing God, dear one.
God is unchanging and
Already perfect.
Its you who are
A work in progress.

You can heal your life
In three easy steps.

Step one: Stop.
This is the hardest part.
Step two: Listen.
This is also the hardest part.
Step three: Change.
This is very nearly the hardest part.

But Sare, you say,
You said it was easy!

Once you finish it,
You’ll look back and say,
That wasn’t so bad
Why did I wait so long?
I should have done that ages ago.

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2018.


What is Not There

sometimes replace
one bad habit
with another.

Hard drugs
with cigarettes,

with nail biting,

TV watching
with internet addiction.

But this
is seeking
for what is not there.

Like a man
wandering lost
in Death Valley

Ignoring all
the flashing
neon signs:


It is time,
Dear One,
for you
to unstop your ears,
and listen.

The Beloved
will tell you
what to do.

His voice
at first
is much softer that
the angry screaming
have been listening to.

But if you listen
to Him only
the Desert

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz