What we call civilization
in this world
is only a mask.
Paper thin, veiling
what is beneath.

This world is built
on contrasts.
The stock market rise
and the crash.
The peaceful ocean’s waves,
and the tsunami.
The growth of an empire
and its fall.

That which is suppressed
will always surface again
because this world is also
built on violence.
It is in the very nature of life
to destroy.

But this world is also
not all there is.

Dear one,
after so long of trying
to play a game with rigged rules,
don’t you think it’s time
to seek another option?

Choose instead
the still small voice
that whispers joy.
The voice that says
that all are one.

If that makes no sense,
feel free to keep trying
to reorganize this world
though all attempts
are taking one grain of sand from a beach
and moving it to the ideal spot
while disturbing millions of others.

But why listen to me
when I’m just
a cheeky poet?

(c) 2018, Michael Anuszkiewicz


More Fun

Brand new,
enhanced formula,
fortified for your health,
sugar free gluten free low carb.

Dear one,
do you think you will be saved
by words like this?

Eat what you need
and what feeds you.
Fast from worry and shamefulness.
Don’t feed your mind
on empty slogans,
spiritual junk-food.

Choose what is good,
whole and healing.
You will be directed to it,
once you decide
that healing really is
what you want.

if you want empty promises
that never really satisfy,
that is what you will get.

Tell me, my dear friend,
which of those options

(c) 2018 Michael Anuszkiewicz


Seems entirely reasonable
When it has overflowed the river’s banks
and caught you up in the flood.

It may even be reasonable
by this world’s rules.

But rage is a harsh master.
It will hollow you out
and fill you up, so that you can’t even
that the rage
burning you up
is not

There are many lies
that the voice of anger
to justify itself and distract
from the truth.

The truth is
nothing that threatens you

Nothing can hurt
who you actually are.

The thing that can be
is the thing you think you are.

You are so much more
than the rage monster,
though if you ask it,
it won’t be the one
to tell you that.

It wants you
to keep believing in it.

A wise man once said
‘Reality is that which
when you stop believing in it,
doesn’t go away.’

My advice; stop.

(c) 2018 Michael Anuszkiewicz
(quote paraphrased from Philip K Dick)


There is an insane man
always yelling
in my ear.

saying this body
is all I have

When I know full well
the true reality
of my being.

When I know
that I am
just steps away
from home.

When I know
that I am
just steps away
from God.

(c) 2018 Michael ANuszkiewicz

The Wrong Ally

The one you have allied with
is trying to kill you.
You may still think
he is honest
and true,
but I have seen your picture
posted all over town:
“Wanted – dead or dead,
preferably dead.”

Dear one,
how could you not see
that he has replaced your safety razor
with an axe?
Sharp enough to shave with, yes,
but entirely dangerous
and weighted just so
that it is all too easy to lose your grip.

My dear,
you need to find better friends.
For this one, I see,
has also replaced your nail scissors
with a collection of rusty daggers.

He has been telling tales as well,
lies about you, that I see through instantly,
knowing you so well.

Why do you still trust him
to report on the world?
He has told you
that a desolate wasteland is a tropical beach!
He has told you
that love is idiocy,
that you are worthy
of only fear and suffering!

My sweet,
this one is not to be trusted.
He would not be elected dogcatcher
of any respectable village!
Evict him from your head,
and listen to the still quiet voice
of peace and love instead!


(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz


Don’t Let Them In

There is so much variety here,
it could almost distract you,
keep you glancing around
at all the glittery nothing.

Keep you choosing
between the jewel encrusted hell,
and the gold plated hell.
Or maybe
this time around
the hell in which you renounce all those worldly pleasures
and judge everyone who hasn’t,
just in case you wanted
a new and novel part
in the Drama.

My love,
my darling,
my sweet one,
why do you persist in not listening
to the only thing that matters?

The Divine Audience
is calling to you, to break out of your role.
Learn to ad-lib.
Feel God’s Love.
Do something kind, and never mind
how any of the other actors react.
You and they have been listening to the cruel
for far too long to be wholly sane.

He has an ensemble cast prepared
to painfully mould you
into the role that he deems best,
but I recommend
you pay no heed
to the monstrosity he calls a script.

Listen to the voice of Love.
Pay no heed
to the other voices
which want you to react
like a starving wildebeest
charging down anything
you don’t understand.

these are the tax collectors
who will bleed you dry
of God’s Love.

For the love
of all that is holy

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz

The Guided Tour

Is it time yet?
Am I too early,
or too late?
Is there a moment
in between the two,
or is there no way
to be perfect

Do I know who
or where I am
in this vicious
knife dance
we laughably call
or have I lost
all that as well?

Which side am I on?

Either or is a game
for fools.
You always lose

Choose the one thing
that has no opposite,
and life will open for you,
give you the guided tour
to God.

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz


Lights are flashing
as far as you can see.
Blinking, moving,
in a complicated dance,
that almost seems
to make sense.

If you stare
too long, you almost start
to think you see the meaning
in the chaos.

But that will mislead you,
because it is different
for everyone who stares.

Wars have resulted
from this confusion.

My advice
is to find the one
bright light
that never changes.
It will lead you

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz


Some seek
to write about this world

Some build
elaborate beautiful
unlikely worlds.
are a sure sign,
there are others.)

But neither of these
describe reality,
and this world

This world
was built
when a peaceful garden
was deemed
too boring
to contain us,
and we wanted
an adventure.

(The tree was a lie.
A later addition
by some unknown
The snake, however,
is still very cunning.)

We have all had
contradictory adventures
since then,
some quite horrible.
For when we were trying
to get home,
we lost our way
and wandered
into nightmare.

God has put up
all manner of signs
to guide us,
no matter who
or where we are.

They look vastly different
on whether we are lost
in the desert
or the swamp
and on what kind of body
and life experience
we happen to be
carrying with us
this time around.

All of them say
in various languages
spoken or not
Love. Always Love,
My Dear.
Love will guide You Home.

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz


Some start each morning
with a ritual
of screaming at the world
for waking them to another day.
Some use coffee instead
to blunt the pain.
There are a million ways
to distract
from the one

Separation from God,
Lack of Love,
Fear of the Light.
This is the difficult thing
to keep going,
and the difficult thing
to end.

God is always,
so willing to help us,
as soon as we accept him
back into our arms.

Listen to the voice
that directs you,
calmly and without
in the ways of love.
Make that your practice,
and soon,
you will not scream
at the prospect
of another

(c) 2017 Michael Anuszkiewicz