Variations on a Theme

Your deepest pain is sending
The contents of which are
Shockingly similar
One to the next
All variations on a theme,

They all
And threaten.

You’ve been recycling them

But now that I have
Your attention,
I will humbly admit
To being in their employ.

No, don’t shut the door.

You have been
Cordially Invited
To attend to the
Of your deepest pain.
Your RSVP is overdue
And your suffering
Is only increasing.

But no–
Don’t dress in your
Dirty paint-stained shirt
And the jeans
That have holes
In unmentionable places.

Put on your party dress
Because as soon as you’re well
We’ll dance all night.

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz, 2017


Make Room

The Sweetness of Life
Is calling to you
Calling you to
These notions of pain
These ways and means
You use to torture yourself
And others.

Did you not know
What you do to yourself
You do to others
You do to God?

The Friend is calling to you
To abandon the pain
You cling to so closely.
It is the only way to make room
For Him.

(c) Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz